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Saucy Mama

The Motherload Bundle

The Motherload Bundle

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Sunrise Bump Sauce, Sunset Bump Sauce, Boobie Butter, Lady Bitz Spritz, Rise & Shine Sauce, and the Slumber Sauce

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Here's What's Included

Sunrise Bump Sauce

Butter your bump, bond with your baby
Designed for the Mama who rocks her bump like a boss, this Sauce helps you bond with your baby and embrace your changing body. Formulated with a luxurious blend of Vitamin E, Sweet Almond and Cranberry Seed Oil, it laughs in the face of stretch marks and soothes any itchiness. Consider it your daily dose of “You got this, Mama” in a bottle.

Sunset Bump Sauce

Tummy time isn’t just for baby! Get into a bedtime bonding routine with this sleepytime sauce midwife-made to soothe your stretching skin. Enriched with Sweet Almond and Magnesium Oil, it’s perfect for helping you sleep through the night instead of nap between pees.

Boobie Butter

Good enough to eat
Has anyone ever told you your Boobies are doing a fantastic job?
Boobie Butter isn’t your mama’s nipple cream, it’s a high-five for your nipples! Crafted with Calendula Infused Sunflower Oil and Coconut Oil, it’s good enough to eat (and pairs well with milk!) No wash, no rinse necessary. Just swipe it on for relief and repeat. Your nipples (and baby!) will thank you.

Lady Bitz Spritz

Shake it like a mother
Your perineum just went through more drama than a reality TV show. Give your lady parts a round of applause with this spritz! Made with Witch Hazel and Chamomile, this calming and cooling blend turns “ouch” to “ahhh.”

Rise & Shine Sauce

Your new favorite wakey wakey routine…goes well with your morning cup
The only thing better than that first stretch of the morning is… nothing, but Rise and Shine Sauce is up there. There’s no one more unstoppable than a Mama with a morning routine, and this sauce keeps her day on schedule. Set the pace for your day with this energizing morning blend of Sweet Orange and Chamomile. It's your ally in the AM, turning every sunrise into an opportunity for more cuddling and connecting with your baby.

Slumber Sauce

Smooth it on for some serious shuteye
Ah, a bedtime story in a bottle that ends with "and they all slept happily ever after." A well-rested baby means a well-rested YOU. This sauce is the cozy, cuddly way to help your little one drift into dreamland giving you a more peaceful night AND a more peaceful morning. Here's to sweet dreams, sweeter mornings, and maybe, just maybe, a little extra time for yourself (even if all you do is watch them dream).